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Picture of Dented Brick Craft Rum

Dented Brick Craft Rum

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Dented Bricks Craft Rum possesses a light, crisp body and notes of agave nectar, banana, green apple and powdered sugar. These tropical fruit flavors accentuate the gentle sweetness of the spirit and temper the lasting medium-hot finish of this bold rum. This vibrant spirit is the perfect base for any fruity cocktail!


Picture of Dented Brick Craft Gin

Dented Brick Craft Gin

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Juniper is the predominant characteristic of Dented Bricks Craft Gin, and it permeates throughout the entire tasting experience. The savory botanical flavors are tempered with sweet and sour citrus notes, creating a gin that's equal parts floral and refreshing. It's a vibrant, savory gin capable of standing on its own in a gin and tonic or a more intricate cocktail.


Picture of Dented Brick Craft Vodka

Dented Brick Craft Vodka

Pack Size

If you're looking for a smooth, accessible vodka with a clean finish in your cocktails, it doesn't get much better than Dented Bricks Craft Vodka. Boasting a dry body and subtle hints of sweet vanilla and lemon pepper, this is a perfect building block in the cocktail of your choice.


Picture of Dented Brick Craft Whiskey

Dented Brick Craft Whiskey

Pack Size

Thanks to a balance of sweet and smoky flavors, Dented Bricks Craft Whiskey can stand on its own as either a sipping whiskey or as the foundation of any classic cocktail. With notes of honey, clove, green apple and raisin, this blend of straight rye and bourbon whiskeys is remarkably versatile and accessible. The cooling notes of pepper, cinnamon and clove on the back end leave a strong impression and a lingering finish.